Early Access V0.0.8.0 — Snakes that Spit Bullets?!?

New Features

  • Infiltrator bosses now fight back.
  • Support OSX retina display.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Reduced damage done by mines.
  • Adjust limits for mini-bosses.
  • Make mini-bosses vulnerable before destroying all turrets.
  • Improve enemy targeting systems during multiplayer.
  • Reintroduced previous bosses during levels.

Issues Addressed

  • Fix manual resizing of window in OSX/Linux.

Previously Released Patches

  • Fix failure to launch on certain retina enabled OSX devices.
  • Fix crash when language is set to some non-English languages (i.e. Russian).
  • Fix depth issue between bosses.
  • Several stability improvements.


  • Update support libraries for OSX/Linux.

Happy blasting!

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