Early Access V0.0.9.0 — Learn the Game with Power-up Prompts

New Features

  • Power-up prompts displayed on pickup. These include the icon, name, and description. Currently these are enabled in the English locale only.
  • Power-up prompts are displayed up to 10 times per game in campaign mode, and suppressed in Free Play mode.
  • Detonated mines will now also damage nearby enemies.
  • Enemies that detonate on destruction will now also damage other nearby enemies.
  • Turning speed power-ups are now visualized as lateral thrusters.
  • Upgraded main cannon (velocity and damage) now also applies to Primary Weapon power-ups in addition to the default weapon. You’ll also see a subtle increase in size of the bullets.
  • When a ship upgrade (turning, cannon velocity/damage) is maxed out you no longer can pick up additional upgrades leaving them for other players.
  • Ship upgrades (turning, cannon velocity/damage) persist until all lives are lost — that is they are reset at the start of the game and on each continue.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Max turn speed increased by 10%.
  • Tweaks to previous/mini-boss spawning.
  • Terminator MK II now has a few extra surprises.
  • Mini-bosses are likely to grant a power-up, but not a 100% chance.

Previously Released Patches

  • Previous bosses during later levels were not deploying as they should, and this was corrected shortly after V1.0.8 was published.
  • Stability improvements.

Happy blasting!

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