Another video test

Here’s another video test showcasing one of hopefully many enemy ships – a spinning, turret wielding, and missile launching menace.

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Current Screenshots

Here are some screen shots from the current game.  I currently have the player information hidden as I work through some garbage collection issues on the 360.


Just some basic destroy the asteroid style gameplay.


I guess I got a little too close.

Missle Systems activated

Missile systems activated


Smart bombs!

Being stalked

Being stalked

Let's try this again.

Let’s try this again.

I owned you!

I owned you!


Welcome to the Solaroids blog.  Solaroids© is the title of my XBox Live community game currently in development.  It is written in C# and uses the Microsoft XNA platform which allows it to run both on Windows and on the XBox 360.

It could be said that it is an Asteroids© clone, and therefore also a Stardust© or Maelstrom© clone, but as I’ve only ever played the Atari’s Asteroids, any similarities to the later are merely coincidence.  Solaroids is Asteroids as I always envisioned it could be.  The concept was born in the early 1990’s when I was creating video game software on the Commodore Amiga line of personal computers.

This blog will track the ongoing development of both the game and the engine as well as various tutorials as I have time to create them.