Solaroids: Prologue

With the same basic controls as the classic Asteroids®, you must learn to navigate and fight with inertia ever present. Solaroids is not a game for the twin-stick junkie. You’ll need to evolve or perish trying. Take complete control of your vessel, amass advanced weaponry, and take back the stars…

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Solaroids: Prologue

Early build for Xbox 360 available till September at: Solaroids: Prologue.




  • Classic Asteroids® game play
  • Huge wrapping arena
  • Power-ups and new threats unlocked throughout the levels
  • Various bosses
  • Customize player ship colors
  • Damage system
  • Forward and reverse thrusters
  • Progressive difficulty
  • Continuous leveling
  • Up to 4 local players
    • Join at any time
    • Unlimited credits
    • Cooperative or not, you decide
  • Supports common controllers:
    • Xbox 360/One
    • Dualshock 3/4



Solaroids: Prologue 1Solaroids: Prologue 2
Solaroids: Prologue 3Solaroids: Prologue 4





Single player shown, if multiple players are in game each is allocated an area of the screen.


Familiar Yet Refreshed Controls

With controls similar to the original, learn to pilot your craft using the enhanced precision of an analog thumbstick and triggers in order to carefully regulate the amount of thrust necessary to intercept or evade incoming threats.



Power-ups & Tokens

Equipped with an upgradable primary weapon and slots for optional secondary and defensive weapons that can be discovered as the game progresses.

Various power-ups are unlocked the longer you play:

  • Level 1 – Shields
  • Level 2 – redlongbullettrails Rapid Fire & powerupturn Enhance Turn Speed
  • Level 3 – playeroutrider2 Outriders
  • Level 4 – redburstbulletfans Burst
  • Level 5 – powerupnuclear2 Atomic
  • Level 6 –  missile5Missiles, powerupplus Enhanced Main Cannon Speed
  • Level 7 – powerupsonicboom Sonic Boom, powerupstrength Enhanced Main Cannon Damage

Various token “freebies” are unlocked as you progress:

  • Level 1 – poweruprepair Repair, powerupvolumeuppowerupvolumedown Volume +/-, & powerupcd Change Music Track
  • Level 2 – playershipsmall2 Bonus Ships


Local Cooperative Play

If a couple of your mates walk in, have them join in the fun.  No need to leave the game to add players, as they can join in at any time.  Just connect another controller, optionally customize the color scheme, and pow… your in!  Someone needs to drop out for a while, just don’t continue and the game will be forfeit.  No worries.

Someone take your loot, or fire a little too close for comfort… Pop of a few rounds to let them know who’s boss and that it’s not appreciated.  Nobody’s gonna stop you!