Early Access V0.0.7.0 — Track Lost Power-ups Round 2!

There are a lot of small but significant changes in this update. Of special note is that you should find the early level progression quicker and with more to do than just mine asteroids for ammo/power-ups.

New Features

  • Previously owned (lost) power-ups will now stay in game for 5 minutes giving ample time to find and retrieve.
  • Previously owned (lost) power-ups now include a ring that is tinted with the primary ship color of who the previous owner was.
  • Picking up a power-up that replaces an existing one now detaches the existing one first.
  • If you have damaged outriders attached, picking up an outrider in better physical condition will now replace the more damaged one currently held.
  • Your first life in Free Play mode now grants you some extra weaponry to start out with a bang.
  • If your fighting more than 4 bosses, you now are given some extra weaponry when re-spawning.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Reduced the percentage of asteroids/hazards that are necessary to clear in order to advance to the next level.
  • Increased number of asteroids/hazards for earlier levels, and slightly overall.
  • Increased number of enemies during regular play.
  • Increased brightness/saturation of alternate player ship colors.
  • Increased visibility of reticle indicators.
  • Increased chances of encountering “magnetic” asteroids.
  • Increased strength of “magnetic” asteroid shards.

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed issue where sometimes outriders would collide with their owners in what would look like a spontaneous explosion.
  • When no gamepads are connected, require that the keyboard be used for player one which is tied to the steam account.
  • Fixed a few potential crashes when playing for extended periods.

Happy blasting!

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