Early Access V0.0.6.0 — Use your own Tunes with Steam Music!

Just a small update primarily to support Steam Music! There are also a few other small features and fixes.

New Features

  • Support Steam Music – When Steam Music is playing, or starts playing, in-game music is paused and volume is turned all the way down. Note that if you wish to return to in-game music you will have to continue to use the LeftShift+Plus hotkey to raise the volume until the option menu is completed.
  • You can now force a leaderboard refresh with LeftShift+R.
  • When in windowed mode, if the window is closed, a rudimentary pop-up message will confirm that you really wish to close the game. This is currently only supported for the Windows OS.

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed leaderboard visual glitch when toggling between full-screen/windowed on certain graphics cards.
  • Killing a mini-Terminator no longer gives you credit for killing the regular Terminator.

Happy blasting!

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