Early Access V0.0.5.0 — Repair to your Precious Outriders!

New Features

  • Repair power-ups can now start repairing your attached outriders, if your ship has not been damaged, or is only mildly damaged.
  • Player reticle will show recently lost power-ups as color coded rings.
  • Attached outriders can now help pickup power-ups.
  • Attached shield now tinted to the player primary color.
  • Support Alt+Enter to toggle full-screen/windowed modes.
  • Support Alt+Tab to switch applications.
  • Updates to Russian translation.
  • Updates to Dutch translation.

Issues Addressed

  • The player tied to a steam account (player one) is no longer allowed to edit their name.
  • Fixed overlap of key images in HUD when ammo goes over 999.
  • Support rendering of TM character.
  • Show top X leaderboard entries when the steam player doesn’t have an entry yet.
  • Increase number of visible leaderboard entries from 20 to 30.
  • Increase number of characters displayed in leaderboards for player names.
  • Fix jitter transitioning from splash screen to title screen.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Increased size of the power-up hit area by 50%.
  • More tweaks to end of level boss arrangements.
  • Increase the default strength of the player ship.
  • Decrease damage inflicted by some enemy bullets.
  • Increased the strength of the shield power-up by 25%.
  • Weaken smaller “mini-bosses”.
  • Bosses with missile ports now fire all missiles at the same time.
  • Increased the time where you see the missile port open (loaded or empty).
  • Increase strength of attached outriders.

Happy blasting!

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