More Nebulas

A while back (was it really over a year ago) I started collecting some real nebula photos to start adding some more variety to my backgrounds.  The technique I use is to take a real nebula photo and process the photo, sometimes completely by hand, to extract all the clutter/stars so that I can later re-composite them back into my scenes.  I’ve got a technique that works pretty well now for many images.  Specifically, so I don’t have to hand edit as much with the clone tool.  I do all my bitmap work in GIMP, which is a wonderful open source graphics package.

Solaroids 2013-02-16 12-46-05-36

Solaroids 2013-02-16 13-08-46-55

Solaroids 2013-02-16 13-09-11-55

Solaroids 2013-02-16 13-09-56-56

OK, so the last one isn’t a nebula, but same technique.

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