Early Access V0.2.4.2 — Congrats on the Weekly Scores & Vector Mode Update!

Hello everyone! Thank you to all the players that have tried out some of the recent updates and posted scores to the new Daily/Weekly/Monthly leaderboards.

It’s been about a week since the update to add Daily, Weekly, and Monthly leaderboards and I see both some familiar names as well as some new ones. What do you think so far, yeah or meh?

Here’s the top scores for the week!!

And for the month of March (partial month)!

Speaking of leaderboards. I think it would be fun to have a speed run leaderboard. For the current Campaign it would be through Level 10 possibly with intermediate ones for each level to track progress, and for Free Play mode it would be through a certain number of waves possibly with intermediate ones as well. What do you think?

In other news, work continues on the experimental Vector mode. I’ve converted more of the graphics and have been playing with simulating the look of a real vector display. Here’s what it looks like with the Asteroids Deluxe colors — as available in this EA V1.2.4.2 build. This still picture doesn’t really do it justice, as the flicker effect adds a nice touch of authenticity.

I’m also playing around with adding color into to the mix. Here’s a early sample of what it’s looking like so far. What do you think? I’m thinking of making options to tune the vector mode to your liking. If I do it would probably include an adjustment for full-color vs a single color, line thickness, beam intensity, and flicker. Would you rather see these kinds of detailed options, or just a high level Monochromatic/Multi-color option where I pick the settings?

That’s all I have for this update as far as the bigger changes, but there have been several other smaller tweaks, so see the patch notes below.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey to try and make the Best Asteroids Style Space Shooter. If you ever want to chat about Solaroids with myself or other players, or brag about your top scores and share tips, join the Solaroids Discord Server. It’s quiet there now, but maybe you can help change that!

I’ve also created a dedicated Early Access Page filled with, gifs, links, and a place where you can sign up to be notified at full launch.

Cheers and happy blasting!

New Features

  • Cycling leaderboards now cross fade as a transition.
  • Alternate main high score display layout with Daily/Weekly/Monthly tables at the top and Local scores at the bottom.
  • Always show Daily scores first at the end of a game.
  • Daily leaderboard will show your score for at least one day, up to two if your really early in the day.
  • Enhance vector mode to emulate an Asteroids Deluxe style look.
  • Tweak background transparency for Stage 1 graphics.
  • Fix initial zoom factor.
  • Suppress controller vibration when a player is not actively in the game.
  • Fix potential issue when forfeiting.
  • Restart soundtrack when entering the actual game.
  • More updates to German translations.

Issues Addressed

  • Fix issue with local leaderboards not refreshing immediately when cleared.
  • Fix issue showing daily/weekly/monthly rank.

Solaroids is available on Steam Early Access and is still being actively developed by Chad Yates as part-time Indie game developer. Come try out the free Demo, join the Community HUB on steam, or join the ranks of brave fighter pilots defending the solar system and competing for high scores and prestige!

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