Early Access V0.0.3.0 — Language Updates and Tuning

Many thanks to those that have jumped in and started playing and reviewing! Your feedback is very much appreciated! Please continue to let me know of any issues you encounter or ideas that come to mind.

This is a small update that contains several fixes and tweaks.

V1.0.3 Changes

  • Reverse thrusters no longer supersede forward thrusters.
  • When a player attempts to exit the game before losing all lives, it is now a request to forfeit their session/score instead of exiting to the title screen.
  • Machine Gunner achievement is now obtainable.
  • Only scores greater than zero qualify for leaderboards and local high score listings.
  • Players no longer spawn when other players are in the way.
  • Small adjustments to gameplay balance with respect to enemy spawning.
  • Updates to the following languages:
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Polish
    • Serbian

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