Early Access V0.2.5.2 – Patch Notes

Minor feature updates and/or bug fixes.

New Features / Tweaks

  • When changing resolution it no longer changes the resolution immediately, but instead waits for confirmation.

Issues Addressed

  • Fix issue where lowest resolution was used as the default when no save game data is available to select the preferred resolution.
  • Improve robustness when changing resolutions in full-screen/non-borderless mode.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey to try and make the Best Asteroids Style Space Shooter. If you ever want to chat about Solaroids with myself or other players, or brag about your top scores and share tips, join the Solaroids Discord Server. It’s quiet there now, but maybe you can help change that!

I’ve also created a dedicated Early Access Page filled with, gifs, links, and a place where you can sign up to be notified at full launch.

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